Founded in 2021 by two families with a love for the outdoors, Trail Hub is a central spot in Greater Toronto for over 240km of trails suitable for hiking, biking, skiing, and more. We prioritize nature conservation. Besides the trails, relax or celebrate at our HandleBar Grill, offering a diverse menu and a curated beverage list amidst serene nature views..

Founder’s Story

Meet Rick and Cindy Batty.

The inception of Trail Hub is deeply rooted in the love for nature harbored by its founders, Rick and Cindy Batty. Inspired by the vast interconnected trail system and the art of sustainable trail crafting, they envisioned a place that would echo their profound connection with the outdoors. The dream of Trail Hub was born from the remnants of the once-beloved Skyloft ski hill. Designed as a hub for nature lovers, adventurers, and those seeking solace outdoors, the chalet offers a warm embrace, while the outdoors promises endless exploration and wonder. Trail Hub is more than just a destination; it’s a community, a place of inclusivity where life’s milestones are celebrated and everyday moments are cherished.

Brand Promise

Sustainability and Community Well-Being.

Trail Hub is more than just a celebration of outdoor recreation; it embodies a commitment to sustainability and the well-being of our community. We are dedicated to nurturing a healthier community by championing physical activity, outdoor engagement, and environmental guardianship. Our ethos is deeply rooted in sustainable practices and the countless benefits of trail access and outdoor pursuits. Our unwavering mission is to pave the way for a sustainable future for future generations. By offering “access to nature for all,” we strive to make nature’s marvels available to everyone. At Trail Hub, we’re not merely sharing trails; we’re sharing a vision for a brighter, more verdant future. Welcome to our journey. Welcome to Trail Hub!

A man tending to trails with a rake

Partnership Program

Join us in forging a sustainable path forward. Explore, engage, and be part of the Trail Hub community today!

Trail Hub collaborates with local non-profits, businesses, and the Uxbridge and Durham regions to boost community well-being and lifestyle quality. Together, we’re enhancing Uxbridge’s vibrancy—partner with us to strengthen our interconnected community at Trail Hub.