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Dine at Trail Hub: Where Flavors Meet Nature

Nestled in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area, Trail Hub promises more than a meal—it’s a dining escapade. With a harmonious blend of taste, setting, and scenic views, our restaurants cater to both casual diners and those seeking a gourmet experience.

We’re Feast On® certified! This means that we meet a stringent set of standards set by the Culinary Tourism Alliance to prove that we are committed to sourcing Ontario grown and raised ingredients. When you dine with us, you know you’re getting a genuine taste of local.

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Handlebar Grill

HandleBar Grill

Fuel your adventures with our diverse and hearty offerings at HandleBar Grill. From sunrise breakfasts to twilight dinners, we ensure every bite complements the beauty surrounding you.

Nest - Naturally Durham


Indulge in upscale farm-to-table dining at NEST. As you feast on culinary wonders, allow the breathtaking panorama and tranquil setting to elevate your dining moment.