Trail Hub: Durham’s Premier Farm-to-Table Dining

At Trail Hub, we are committed to reducing our reliance on large food suppliers by incorporating locally sourced ingredients and farm products from the Durham Region into our menus and catering services.

One of our key local partners is Sargent Dairy, a multi-generation historical farm in Durham. Currently, we use their cheese curds in our poutine and plan to feature more of their products in the near future. Let’s delve deeper into Sargent Dairy and highlight their role as one of our preferred vendors.

Sargent Dairy History

The Heritage of Sargent Dairy Farms Sargent Dairy Farms has a storied past that begins with the Sargent family’s immigration from Ireland in the late 1800s, settling in South Central Ontario along the picturesque Otonabee River. With a longstanding tradition of dairy farming, the family has been raising Jersey cattle since the early 1900s. Today, Tim & Sharyn Sargent, alongside their children Daniel, Melyssa, and Benjamin, uphold these traditions, focusing on pasture-raised Jersey cattle known for their rich, high-quality milk

Why Jersey Milk?

Jersey cows are celebrated for producing milk that is naturally richer in proteins, calcium, and beneficial fats. This superior quality comes from their grazing habits and the meticulous care they receive, grazing freely on lush pastures. At Sargent Dairy Farms, these cows are not just livestock; they are part of a family legacy that prioritizes animal welfare and sustainable farming practices.

From Farm to Fork At Trail Hub

Nest stands as a beacon of local culinary excellence, where dishes served are a testament to our commitment to freshness and local sourcing. We take immense pride in our menu, thoughtfully designed to incorporate as many of the finest ingredients sourced directly from local farms and the Durham Region as possible, with future initiatives to begin sourcing even more. The Durham Region boasts a rich agricultural heritage, with numerous local farms contributing to its vibrant farming community. For a comprehensive list of local farms in the Greater Toronto Area, visit Durham Farm Fresh.

The Trail Hub Experience

Local, Fresh, Sustainable We take immense pride in sourcing as many local ingredients and drinks as possible. Our partnership with Sargent Dairy Farms allows us to offer products like our Trail Side Poutine to reflect the integrity and quality of the local land. Each meal is a testament to the commitment we share with our partners to sustainable practices and community support.

Beyond Dining

Discover Trail Hub Trail Hub offers more than exceptional dining. It is a center of activity in the Greater Toronto Area, surrounded by 240 km of trails ideal for biking, hiking, disc golf, and snow activities. After exploring Durham’s natural beauty, guests are welcomed back to Nest or HandleBar Grill to unwind with a meal that’s both nourishing and restorative.

Book your table at Nest or visit us trailside at the HandleBar Grill for unique flavors brought to you by the pastures of Durham. Taste the difference with each bite and sip of what local truly means.

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