July 13 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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This one is for the Weekend Warriors!

Have you been interested in joining us for one of our Schools [School of DirtSchool of Tech or School of Shred] but can’t commit to weekday evenings? We invite you to join us for a [don’t] crash-course-full-day-experience. There is something for all level of riders. 


These One-Day MTB Classes were created for:

> Riders that aren’t able to attend our weeknight School of DirtSchool of Tech or School of Shred.

> Attempting to put the pieces together and having no idea what you’re doing on the trails.

> Wanting to ride comfortably and confidently. You don’t want to be fearful anymore.

> Frustrated with not being able to ride sections of the trail and are tired of walking your bike a lot, crashing, and maybe even injuring yourself.

> Looking for people to ride with and a community of like-minded riders to be a part of.

> Looking for an outdoor hobby that you enjoy and will improve fitness and health.

After your Class you will:

 Be more relaxed and comfortable on your bike

 Walk your bike less and experience less frustration

 Ride safer

 Increase your confidence

 Have a strong foundation on the bike

 Have new people to connect and ride with

 Have a new way that you enjoy improving your fitness & health

 Deck yourself or your bike in some free swag from Minii Adventures and our generous sponsors!


What you will Learn:

We’ve all been there and want to spare you from learning the hard way! Our professional, knowledgeable, and inspiring instructors break down the skills and techniques below into simple and actionable steps that are fun to learn and easy to remember.

Utilizing drills and man-made features and stunts, we’ll practice them first in a safe and controlled environment before taking our newly learned skills to the trails! By the end of the Class, you will have a newfound confidence on your bike and lots to practice!


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