Feast On Certification Awarded to Trail Hub in Uxbridge, Ontario
A Milestone for Local Culinary Excellence

We are excited to share that Trail Hub, nestled in the vibrant Greater Toronto Area and specifically located in Uxbridge, Ontario, has proudly achieved Feast On certification! This prestigious recognition is awarded by the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance and underscores our dedication to incorporating locally-sourced ingredients in our culinary creations.

Make a reservation at Nest and enjoy Feast On Certified farm-to-table dining.

At Trail Hub, you can explore our extensive 240km trail network, perfect for a range of activities including biking, hiking, disc golf, skiing, and more—right in the heart of Durham Region. Post-adventure, treat yourself to a genuine farm-to-table dining experience at our venues. Our Feast On certification assures diners of a genuine taste of local craftsmanship.

Trail Hub Feast On certified restaurant in Uxbridge

Nest Restaurant
Showcasing Local Agriculture

Nest Restaurant, under the expert guidance of Chef Brian MacAskill, stands as a prime example of farm-to-table dining. Emphasizing dishes crafted from the best local produce, Nest Restaurant supports the Durham Region’s farmers, offering a dining experience that delights and sustains the local agricultural community.

Trail Hub Feast On certified restaurant in Uxbridge

HandleBar Grill
Your Trailside Dining Destination in the GTA

Adjacent to our picturesque trails, HandleBar Grill provides a relaxed setting with breathtaking views and a menu infused with the spirit of Durham. From hearty BBQ dishes to light salads and sandwiches, each recipe utilizes fresh, local ingredients, embodying the unique flavors of the area.

Trail Hub Feast On certified restaurant in Uxbridge

About Feast On Certification

Feast On certification, managed by the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance, honors Ontario’s culinary providers who are committed to sustainability and supporting local economies. This initiative fosters connections between chefs and local farmers, promotes sustainable practices, and guides diners toward authentic local food experiences.

Join the movement at Trail Hub

Where we celebrate and support our local farmers and producers, boosting both economic and environmental sustainability in the Durham Region. Visit us or make a reservation at Nest to immerse yourself in the rich local flavors and adventures that make this area uniquely delightful.

Celebrate Local with Us at Trail Hub in Uxbridge—For Adventures That Taste Homegrown!

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Trail Hub is your premier destination for adventure in the Greater Toronto Area. Situated in the Durham Region, we are trailside to more than 240 km of trails perfect for biking, hiking, disc golf, and skiing. Our chalet offers farm-to-table dining, breathtaking vistas, and memorable events such as corporate gatherings and weddings. Immerse yourself in the nature and vibrant community at Trail Hub.

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