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The Ultimate Hiking and Biking Guide in the Greater Toronto Area

Welcome to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), a region renowned for its urban charm and natural beauty. While known for its bustling cities, the GTA also offers an array of hiking and mountain biking trails perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. This guide highlights the best trails, while focusing on Trail Hub.

Why Hiking and Mountain Biking?

Hiking and mountain biking offer excellent opportunities to connect with nature and stay active. Hiking allows you to immerse yourself in serene environments, providing a break from urban life. Mountain biking offers an adrenaline rush, navigating rugged terrains and challenging trails. Both activities promote physical fitness and mental well-being, making the GTA a prime location for outdoor adventures.

Exploring Trail Hub
Trail Hub is a premier destination for outdoor enthusiasts in the GTA. It offers extensive hiking and mountain biking trails, fostering a healthier community by promoting responsible trail use and sustainability. Trail Hub provides immediate access to over 6000 acres of protected forest and 240km of multi-use trails. The HandleBar Grill offers delightful trailside food and beverage options, making it a perfect weekend or weekday getaway. Beyond trails, enjoy brunch, lunch, or dinner at our restaurant Nest.

Discovering the Greater Toronto Area

Geography and Natural Beauty
The GTA boasts diverse landscapes, including rolling hills, lush forests, lakes, and rivers. This variety offers unique experiences, from tranquil lakeside walks to challenging forested trails. The region’s natural beauty is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, providing countless opportunities for exploration and adventure.

Conservation Areas and Parks
From Rouge National Urban Park to Forks of the Credit Provincial Park, the GTA has numerous conservation areas and parks waiting to be explored. These parks preserve natural habitats and offer trails that vary in difficulty, ensuring something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely walk or a challenging hike, these parks provide the perfect setting.

Watershed and Forested Trails
Follow trails through serene watersheds and forested areas like the Humber River Recreational Trail and the Don Valley Trail. These trails offer peaceful escapes, allowing you to connect with nature and observe local wildlife.

Urban Escapes and Green Spaces
Escape the hustle and bustle of city life by discovering urban green spaces like the Scarborough Bluffs Trail, offering stunning views of Lake Ontario and towering cliffs. These urban escapes provide a quick and accessible way to enjoy nature without leaving the city.

Hiking Trails in the Greater Toronto Area

The GTA offers diverse hiking trails for all levels

Rouge National Urban Park
Explore the vast wilderness of Rouge National Urban Park with its diverse ecosystems and abundant wildlife. The park offers trails that range from easy walks to challenging hikes, making it a versatile destination for all hikers.

Don Valley Trail
Discover the hidden natural treasures of the Don Valley Trail, offering a network of paths along the picturesque Don River. This trail is perfect for those looking for a scenic yet accessible hike within the city.

Humber River Recreational Trail
Follow the tranquil Humber River Recreational Trail through parklands, forests, and ravines. This trail offers a mix of natural beauty and historical significance, providing a rich experience for hikers.

Scarborough Bluffs Trail
Immerse yourself in the geological wonders of the Scarborough Bluffs Trail, offering breathtaking views of Lake Ontario. The cliffs and beaches provide a unique hiking experience, combining natural beauty with geological interest.

Forks of the Credit Provincial Park
Experience the beauty of Forks of the Credit Provincial Park with its picturesque landscapes and cascading waterfalls. This park offers trails that wind through diverse terrains, from rolling hills to lush forests.

Mountain Biking Trails in the Greater Toronto Area

The GTA offers thrilling mountain biking opportunities

Durham Forest
Discover the thrilling trails of Durham Forest, a sprawling woodland with a network of singletrack trails. This destination caters to all skill levels, offering everything from beginner trails to advanced routes.

Albion Hills Conservation Area
Unleash your biking skills at Albion Hills Conservation Area, where you’ll find an extensive trail network designed for mountain biking. The area features diverse trails, including technical challenges and flowing singletracks.

Kelso Conservation Area
Experience the adrenaline rush at Kelso Conservation Area, renowned for its exceptional mountain biking trails. Kelso offers a mix of terrains, including steep descents and technical climbs, making it a favorite among bikers.

Hilton Falls Conservation Area
Embrace the rugged beauty of Hilton Falls Conservation Area, home to scenic trails winding through forests and meadows. The trails here offer a mix of technical sections and scenic routes, perfect for an adventurous ride.

Trail Hub: Gateway to Adventure

Trail Hub offers an extensive trail network, a centralized location, and various amenities. It fosters a vibrant outdoor community that emphasizes conservation and sustainability.

Hiking Trails at Trail Hub
Explore the variety of scenic routes at Trail Hub, suitable for all levels of hikers. The trails offer a mix of easier routes and challenging hikes, ensuring something for everyone.

Mountain Biking Trails at Trail Hub
Discover the exhilarating mountain biking trails at Trail Hub, designed to cater to riders of different skill levels. The trails range from beginner-friendly routes to advanced tracks, providing a comprehensive biking experience.

Enhancing Your Outdoor Experience

Wildlife and Bird Watching
The GTA is home to a wide variety of wildlife and bird species. Observe nature responsibly and encounter diverse fauna during your hikes and rides. Bring binoculars and a field guide to enhance your bird-watching experience.

Photography Opportunities
Capture the beauty of the GTA’s trails and landscapes. Focus on composition, lighting, and tips for stunning images to preserve your memories. Early morning and late afternoon offer the best lighting conditions for photography.

Man raking a trail with green trees in the background.

Trail Maintenance and Community Involvement

Volunteer Opportunities
Engage in trail maintenance and support local organizations. Contribute to sustainable trail development and conservation efforts by joining volunteer groups. Organizations like the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority offer numerous opportunities for community involvement.

Supporting Local Organizations
Contribute to preserving the natural environment by supporting local organizations that maintain the trails, like the Durham Mountain Biking Association. Donations and volunteer work are great ways to help keep the trails in excellent condition for future generations. 

Exploring Beyond the GTA

Day Trips to Surrounding Regions
Expand your outdoor exploration with nearby day trip suggestions. Discover unique hiking and mountain biking opportunities beyond the GTA. Areas like Bruce Peninsula National Park offer stunning landscapes and challenging trails.

Provincial Parks in Ontario
Explore notable provincial parks near the GTA, such as Algonquin Provincial Park and Killarney Provincial Park, and discover their great trails. These parks provide a range of hiking and biking options, from easy walks to multi-day treks.

Long-Distance Hiking Trails
For those seeking a more immersive experience, explore long-distance hiking trails like the Bruce Trail and Ganaraska Trail, offering multi-day adventures and stunning scenery.

Epic Mountain Biking Destinations
If adventure takes you beyond the GTA, consider mountain biking hotspots worth the journey, from the iconic trails of Whistler, British Columbia, to the thrilling options in Moab, Utah. These destinations offer world-class trails that challenge and excite mountain biking enthusiasts.


Embracing the Adventure
Reflect on the incredible experiences and embrace the endless opportunities for exploration. The GTA’s hiking and mountain biking trails offer endless possibilities for adventure.

Fond Memories and Endless Exploration
Cherish the memories you’ve created and use this guide as a stepping stone to continue discovering the natural wonders of the GTA. Lace up your hiking boots, strap on your helmet, and embark on a journey of discovery. Happy hiking and mountain biking!

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